About Me

My name is JoJo Zawawi and I have seriously crazy curly red hair, which should tell you something.  (I'm not sure what!)  Even though I don't live there at the moment, I'm mostly from Los Angeles.

I've lived all over the world and had a pile of adventures (see my Blog).  I compose all sorts of music and the occasional film score (nominated for Best Composer/Documentary at the 2018 Burbank International Film Festival!).  I write.  I edit others' writings.  I love learning languages.  I paint and draw and carve wood and make stuff.  I do some tedious stuff that you probably don't like doing, like preparing taxes and accounting stuff.  I do transcription and I type 150 wpm, and I'm seriously well-versed in a whole lot of technical, scientific, legal, medical and other fields.  I cook.  I take pictures.  (All photos on this site, except those of me!, and except one of the pictures of Mister Fuzzy the cat, were taken by me.)


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